Tuesday, January 4, 2011

When One Door Closes...

Well, the last few days have been quite annoying, yet really positive. I know that sounds convoluted, so let me further explain.

Thereasa is rude. Thereasa is my car and she is very rude. On my way to work yesterday, she pitched a fit. It was about 3:45 in the afternoon, I had just stopped to grab some Chick-fil-a sweet tea and waffle fries, comfort food for any southern lady who wishes she was from the city and she just had enough. I was supposed to be in Punta Gorda (for those of you unfamiliar with the area that's an hour away from where I was) by 4:30 at the latest to pick up my bosses son from work because she had an important meeting to attend to. And there I was, in the turning lane on one of the busiest streets in town with my hazards on, wincing every time someone gave me the finger as they maneuvered around me. Luckily dad wasn't too far away at work, and since he likes me a little he came to save the day. I was finally able to convince my diva of a car to start up again, and managed to get myself in a parking spot to lick my wounds and eat my waffle fries.

So needless to say I couldn't get to Punta Gorda at all let alone on time. I was so ticked off by that reality that I actually need some time to pout alone in my room like the four year old I sometimes am. I couldn't come to grips with the fact that I had been unreliable do to things out of my control. I also began to stress over the notion that my show stopping diva car is now in her 11th year, and as much as we love and hate each other, I may have to break it off and start fresh with a new diva that can get me to work on time.

Along with the frustrations of malfunctioning cars I have been dealing with a change in medical coverage, meaning I literally have to break some one's arm to get the medicine I need to be healthy. I have come to discover that the health care industry is a business just like any other, and that those technicians on the other line are working for minimum wage, and don't care about you at all. That is if you get a person at all. Most of the time it's that automated voice of a woman on Valium asking you to say certain words and never repeating them right back to you. Can you tell I have been put on hold a time or two in the past few days?

But like I said, there are good things happening too. Along with my wonderful day job at Lori Lane Personnel that allows me to be flexible as long as I keep a smile on my face and get the job done, I have been given the opportunity to study under my voice mentor to become a vocal mentor in her studio as well. I am so floored and happy that she really believes that I have come to a point where I can teach others what I LOVE to do. I have full access to observe her with her students any time my schedule permits and just absorb everything I possibly can. This is like my heaven. I love observing and taking notes and learning from watch just as much as learning from doing... just ask the cast of Hairspray :) Through this she has put me in touch with several of her students needing female vocalist for recording demos for bands and even live performances. Nothing is certain as of yet, but just having doors like that be halfway open is a really awesome thing.

It seems that life is evening itself out at the moment. For every frustration comes an opportunity. I just pray that as I follow God's will for my life, that I can do it all :)

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