Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Its Raining Its Pouring

Me and my roomate are crazy. Or at least this is what we have been told on more than one occasion... especially in the past few days. It is now officailly the middle of the run of our show here at the lost colony, and honestly I think that we are all going a little crazy in our own way. We live on an island... a very small island where everything closes at eleven (save for hatchels and 7 eleven... BLESS). We work and live with the same group of people, which is good and bad, and we are doing the same thing every night. We are essentailly being paid (however little it may be) to live in a rut, and I think we are all beginning to realize that.

Roomie and I have one of the easiest relationships I have ever had the fortune of maintaining. Im actually shocked that two girls get along as well as we do... much less two girls that have the same profession, same job, and same BEDROOM. We are just similar enough to understand where each other is comming from, but still different enough that we don't kill each other. Of course we have gotten fed up with each other, and probably at times angry, but there have never been harsh words or blow up (knock on wood) just silence and space, which is exactly what should happen. The one thing that I think makes our friendship what it is, is that we are both just about the same amount of insane... and when one is in desperate need of an adventure, a laugh, deep conversation, and yes at times even a good cry, the other one isnt afraid to jump on board and come along for the ride. No one wants to take the swells of life alone, and I think we both understand that.

Last night was a semi normal semi akward night. I had some personal issues that I had to deal with that I honestly just wanted to go away, and sarah had a meeting to go to. After my lovely extravaganza was through I wasn't in the best of moods. I don't like to deal with things that I think are silly and by that I mean that I just wished didn't exist. I guess that is just the child in me but hey, everyone has their flaws. So being slightly annoyed I began my trudge back to my apartment to sulk, when I discovered Sarah had embarked on her laundry journey without me. I quickly grabbed my own clothes and went to the laundry mat with Matthew and met her there. I can honestly say that I have never had more fun doing laundry in my life. We were the olny ones there, it was airconditioned.. YAY and it was with people that I don't have to put a show on for. At this point on a personal level our entire company is just tired... so it was nice to escape for a while and just be.

After our laundry was finished, Sarah decided she was hungry, so being us we decided to go on a "vacation" across the bridge to the 24 hour drive through McDonalds in Kill Devil Hills. Matt was already rather tired... and I don't bame him, he had had much more of a day than either one of us had, so we dropped him back off in the grove and set out on our escapade. Before he got out of my car though, he said "You girls are crazy." And I couldn't agree more with him.

We had a beautiful vacation. Per our usual drive through experiance we encountered someone we couldn't understand at the window, and insued in imperssionations the entire way home. Amidst our fits of laughter it began to rain really hard. The rain didn't really become a problem until we reached the parking lot of the grove and had to go inside. Now it was 5am in the morning... most people if they were up at that hour would have just sucked it up and just gone inside so they could sleep. Not us. We decided to lay the seats back in my car and watch the lightning and listen to the rain. At first it was purely because we didnt want to get wet... but then it became peaceful. We were able to just sit there... no words were needed. It was the first time in a long time that I felt that I could just breathe and that was enough.

Living with actors is hard. You always have to prove why you belong.. whether its because you are the funniest, the prettiest or the most well liked, you have to be the best at something. I've gotten really tired of playing that game... I think we all have. I don't know what I'm the best at... and honestly I don't know if I ever will know. But what I do know is that I am crazy. Everyone else knows it too. I am crazy enought to just sit in a car in the pouring rain and exist... and know that that is enough. Pouring

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