Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Today I went out with my boyfriend. Wait... what? I'm sure you are all thinking, she just wrote a beautiful dissertation about being single just the other day, and already she's taken? It must have been an epic fairy tale of some kind, seeing as that's all she seems to go for these days. He probably read her blog, fell in love with her outlook on life, sense of humor and way with words. Her cute smile probably didn't hurt either. Then he called her up, and told her that even though she had been in front of his face all this time, he could see clearly now, the rain had gone. Without waiting for her reply he had to have rushed over to her house with a bouquet of flowers, swept her off her feet and awaited her answer in person. Being the sucker she is of course she said yes, and they rode off together in a mustang. The car. Not the horse. Her fear of horses would interfere with her happily ever after.

Well as much as I would like to tell you that that is exactly how it happened, and even correct you when you omit the details about my ball gown and glass slippers, that's not the case. My story might be better.

Today I spent the day with the most important man in my life. Carter James. My four year old brother. He was our very own little surprise, and everyone knows how I LOVE surprises. After we adopted my favorite little girl in the world, we found out that Mom was preggers. How did we know you ask? (besides the obvious) I caught her eating bacon. She is a vegetarian. Enough said.

So enters my baby boy. And man is he a boy though and though. He loves cars and trains and recently Mario cart. But the even cooler thing, is he acts like me. FINALLY! Someone who has my weird quirks. You don't have to entertain him one bit. He can sit in the same spot for hours with the same toy, in he case, trains, and create a world all his own around it. He even has his very own imaginary friend named Jack. Jack lives at his grandma and grandpa's house and looks like Carter. Exactly. But don't ever bring Jack up to him, it is a very sacred subject that is only breached by his initiation.

So neither one of use were feeling very well today, so we hung out at home with Mom.He woke me up by surprising me with 3 Hershey kisses he had hidden under a pair of shorts in my room and a big Cart James kiss. Later I sat in the recliner while I watch him play every game there is on the Wii Sport Resort. Not only did he play them, he mastered them. From time to time Mom had to leave and do grown up things like pick up faith and make lunches and things like that, but Carter and I were happy to stay where we were and eat peanut butter sandwiches and watch Curious George.

Throughout the day, even though he didn't feel well, and is much worse off than I am, he continuously checked on me. What I mean by this is he would ask me if I was feeling OK, tell me I was his favorite, that he loved me and that I am beautiful and gorgeous. Now most kids tell you they love you after you tell them you love them. They tell you that you are their favorite after you buy them a toy. They ask you if you are OK only if they want to deflect attention from themselves. And they only tell you that you are beutiful when you are all dressed up with somewhere to go. I tell my brother I love him all the time, but today he told me first. I give my brother things when I can, but he told me I was his favorite without a bribe. My brother from time to time wants to deflect, but today he asked if I was ok because he saw I wasn't feeling well. He even looked at me sitting on the couch, in my gray sweatpants, oversized camp t-shirt, and hair all a curly mess, and still called me beautiful. This is what women dream of in a handsome prince, including myself. I have been searching high and low for my Romeo, but he has been sleeping in the room next door all along. My baby has such a huge place in my heart that will only grow, which I can't even imagine, becuase of its size already. So for now, I am just fine, for I have pure love. Thanks little Romeo :)

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