Tuesday, April 20, 2010

All You Need Is Love

The written word
Friends... the few good ones I have
Freedom of speech (but NOT when abused by retards)
Good Movies
Deep Conversation
Love... Not the word, not the feeling, the ACTION
Purple Popsicles
Thrift store shopping
STARS (the ones in the sky... remember those?)
Eating delicious food
New York City
Exuding Life
Good intentions
Happy Endings

Here I find myself pondering the things I love. I was going to include the things I hate, but once I got to what I love, I liked that better. There are sooooo many more things than just this, but these are the most important. I figure since we are going to be getting to know each other, what better way than to know what make me tick, and to those of you who already do, or think you do, you may be in for a surprise or two.. I know I was.

Obviously Christ tops the list. He is the reason I am alive and because of that any of the glory that could possibly come out of my life goes directly to him, however little it may be. Music and words are the language my soul speaks, and truly the only way my heart can respond. All I have ever needed was for someone to tell me how the feel about anything and I will take it directly to heart. Now adays with how often words are manipulated and tossed aside, I become a casualty, because to me, your word is truly all you have. Sure you can give money and gifts and even demonstrate your intentions through your time, but I am one of the few that still subscribe to the belief that the words are the overflow of the heart. I think our world would benefit from a revival towards that notion. Empty words only demonstrate empty hearts. Friends and Family as well are a given, they are the people who stand by you when things get rough, and I mean REALLY rough, and celebrate with you during life's successes, void of jealousy. Under that definition there are only a few people that I consider friends, because honestly there aren't many people made of that cloth anymore. Either they have a hidden agenda, or are using you to get to the next fish in the pond, or at least that's my experience. Without Freedom of speech my hear t couldn't speak without ties, and that is no way to live. HOWEVER people that use it to slander others or to assert themselves in a destructive way to themselves or others are spineless and weak, and deserve what's coming to them. Good movies demonstrate that art does still exist in the world, and that the human race isn't a lost cause. Even the poorly made, terribly written, and pointless movies bring about smiles and demonstrate humanity, which can never be a bad thing. *This does not include movies with racy content for no reason, Obscenity just for the sake of shocking people is ridiculous, and you should be ashamed of yourselves.*Solitude may just be the best invention ever, because while I love people and to be around them, being alone affords myself the opportunity to re-center myself and not get caught up in the petty things this world has become so full and obsessed with. Coffee is delicious and keeps me awake. Done. Laughter and Peace go hand in hand for me, for without laughter there is no peace, and without peace, there certainly will be no laughter. Skipping ahead on the list Joy facilitates both of these. Its almost as if Joy is the umbrella under which Laughter and Peace reside. Now here we find ourselves at LOVE. I love when you can feel to the very bottom of your toes that someone loves you just by the way someone looks at you. Kind of like the Love you see in Disney Movies, which is why I love them. They show a beautiful, pure and unadulterated love that seems to be extinct in our time. Love either has to be physical. mental, or with strings attached. If that's what love has been reduced to, I don't want it anyway. I want love like the Little Mermaid. Not Cinderella. Not Sleeping Beauty. The Little Mermaid. He loved her from the sound of her voice, and after that he was done. He knew that she was for him. Purple Popsicles are a must, and are the only flavor I like... simply because. Texting is a guilty pleasure, and an abused one at that. Kissing... well honestly... who DOESN'T like kissing? Come on now, don't lie to me. Unless it's a terrible kiss. You know, the kind where someone is trying to eat your face off like their mouth turned into a Venus fly trap? Yeah that not so much, but to quote 50 first dates "There's nothing like a first kiss." Thrift store shopping is the bomb, because you can find things you can find nowhere else. Literally. While this may be a bad thing a majority of the time, sometimes all of the digging and searching for that one jem is worth it. My N'SYNC t-shirt is a shinning example of the treasures you can find at the thrift store. Beaches, well because they are beautiful and soothing and can bring hours of entertainment. From quietly making fun of the fat people that shouldn't be there, to admiring the hot guys playing football you know you will never meet, you just can't go wrong. Hugs Cuddling and Stars... do I really have to explain? They are simply wonderful. Coloring has always been a guilty pleasure and I'm sure it will be a life long one. I am the proud owner of three different Disney Princess coloring books that I purchased for myself and am not ashamed to say i color in them quite frequently. Eating delicious food is self explanitory. It is delicious... what more could you want? New York City and Traveling hold the same place in my life. They both are the penical of endless opportunities. You can go anywhere and be anyone, and that is such a freeing thing. Even though I would never alter myself, I am able to unlock parts of me that would otherwise never be discovered with each new place I go. With each new destination, I am greeted my new discoveries, and that is priceless. Independence, Exuding life, and Positivity are all synonymous, and simply stand for the ideal that I love who I am, that i don't need or want any one's help to be who I am, and that I am going to live my life in front of you, not in the back row hoping that someday you will approve of me. If you do, thank you, but if you don't oh well. The only one I answer to is Christ, and so far he has been the one sculpting my life. So in truth if you don't like it, your quarrel is not with me, but with the man upstairs, and that is a fight I would not want to take part in. I really don't think there is anything better than good intentions when it comes to an action, accept love. During my life I have learned multiple times over that things don't ever go as plan. Actually the rarely do, however, the intent behind any action you take part in is the one thing that doesn't change. People disappoint, but if their heart was in the right place, sometimes it is easier to get over the mountains that life throws us. This brings us to a contender for a very high spot on the list, and that is Happy Endings. In this world it seems that Happy endings only exist on the silver screen or are bound in books. Endings either bring sadness, anger, loose ends or nothing at all. When we walk away from something, we have in our immediate sights something we are walking towards, even if it is out of reach. I pose the question, what if we decided to make our endings happy? When did the paradigm shift and endings took on a negative connotation? I dare you to be happy when something ends, even if its a terrible thing to have end. Happiness can be found in anything. And I know you may ask, who are you to tell me that endings are good? What have you ever had to see through to the end? Well I have seen my fair share of endings, and devastating ones at that, and while I was the farthest thing from happy, soon the rose colored glasses were lifted, and I was able to see the world again. Happy endings do exist, even if I haven't quite found mine yet.

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